We're Bringing Brassy Back...


If 2018 was the year of the rose gold reign, then 2019 is the year of the brass takeover. According to interior designers who are setting the trends and industry standards, the focus for designers should shift towards more saturated tones, like “burnt gold.”

Let us be clear that the brass takeover won’t be an overkill of hotels or restaurants blinged out solely in brass. Rather, the brass will be subtle, accentuating already great design. After all, less is more, don’t you think?

In fact, Keita Turner of Keita Turner Design says to mix brass with other metals for the ultimate Instagram-worthy design: “brass, gold or nickel accents mix well with either oil-rubbed bronze or aged iron accents.”

As you know, we’re a very visual bunch. So, even when we decided to offer brass in some of our custom tile designs, we had to start somewhere. And you probably can guess where, can’t you? If you guessed inspiration station, then you’re a winner!

Let’s start there


Now that we’ve got those creative [brass] juices flowing, how about taking a spin with the Audrey Lane custom design tool and utilizing the brass option? We even have an easy-to-follow tutorial video that introduces you to it so you can get familiar with ease.

Remember, brass is a timeless accent that has been used for centuries to denote luxury and culture simultaneously. Not only do we believe that it is making a serious comeback in 2019, but we are convinced that it isn’t going anywhere; not for a while anyway.

Creative Director & Tile Nerd