Twinning Designs, Skord and Waterjet

Like any set of legendary twins, there are unique differences that make each individual special. But, on the surface, it might be really tough to tell the difference!  


We wanted to start off this blog with a side by side of our twinning designs (above). Can you tell which is which? If not, we’re here to help. The one on the left is a Skord Chic pattern and the one on the right is a Waterjet Make Me Laugh pattern.

So, if they look the same, why are the price points different and how are the products different?

Let’s talk about it!

Waterjet collection

Products in our waterjet collection are some of our original works of art, and we are continually proud of their success. Interior designers have been utilizing these modern yet classic products to complete projects of all varieties. As for the process of building a Waterjet Make Me Laugh design, it’s more customizable than its twinning counterpart in the Skord collection. Reason being, it has more moving parts and is much more dynamic. The Waterjet collection boasts multiple color options and during the manufacturing process, it involves many pieces of material to build one piece of tile. Talk about craftsmanship! 

Chic-Make Me Laugh (6).png

Skord collection

The Skord Chic design, unlike the Waterjet Make Me Laugh tile, is one piece of tile. During the building process, once the Skord Chic tile is created, all that’s left to add is the grout. And, that’s it! With this simplicity comes a lower price point, but the customization is also limited. With the Skord Chic design, you are limited to selecting one color whereas with the Waterjet tile, you can select multiple. Deciding between the two really comes down to how much customization is needed. If a simple, one color design will do the trick, then Skord Chic is the solution! 

Chic-Make Me Laugh (7).png

What’s the difference

At the end of the day, the main difference between these two products is the process it takes to build them. The Waterjet Make Me Laugh tile can be as complex or as simple as a designer wants them to be, while the Skord Chic is a simple, one-way solution. Basically, the design is the same, it’s the manufacturing that is different. This makes the Skord Chic design more cost effective than the Waterjet Make Me Laugh. But, if ample customization is key for your project, then the Waterjet would be a better option. Decisions, decisions! 

Build your own design, from scratch

Join the fun and start creating! Our free, custom design tool is easy to use and allows you to select different patterns, shapes, and colors to fit your project needs. An added bonus is the “room preview” tool. Once you create your custom tile design, this feature allows you to see it in a realistic room setting! Need a hand in getting started? You can watch the Audrey Lane custom design tool tutorial here!