Not a Facade: HGTV Desert Flippers & Audrey Lane

This is not a drill: Audrey Lane tile was featured on HGTV’s renowned show, Desert Flippers!

HGTV Desert Flippers is a popular show about a couple, Eric and Lindsey Bennett, who balance their passion for design with being parents. The duo is famous for flipping about 20 homes per year out in California. They take dilapidated eyesores and turn them into legitimate #housegoals. Did we mention they also have three kids that they raise while churning out these masterpieces? Talk about inspiration!

During season three, episode 14 the couple can be seen using pieces from the Audrey Lane Sophia Collection (White Polished). Funny enough, the episode is entitled “All a Facade.” Fortunately, custom tile from Audrey Lane is anything but a facade! We were so thrilled to be featured on the show.

How it happened…

The super talented group over at Tile Designs by Fina (TDF) work hand-in-hand with the Bennetts. During the filming for season three, the Audrey Lane team received a phone call from TDF. They loved the Sophia Collection and knew that it had to be used by the show at some point. That point came with episode 14 when the Bennetts used the White Polished design for a kitchen they were flipping. We loved how they used it and are hopeful that our experiences with HGTV continue to grow! If you want to watch the full episode, you can do that here.

HGTV (1).png

Meet Sophia...

If you’re new to the Audrey Lane brand, welcome! If you were here, we’d be serving you doughnuts and coffee while beaming about tile design. But, since this is a digital experience, we’ll do the next best thing. We’ll show you some other ways that the Sophia Collection has been used. The collection was inspired by Sophia Loren and her exotic yet classic appeal. A true trailblazer, Sophia is a hybrid of modern sophistication and timeless elegance.