ICFF 2019 Recap with Audrey Lane

Let it be known, thanks to ICFF 2019, the bar has been set for Audrey Lane in 2020, and in the wise words of our girl, Cady Heron: “the limit does not exist.”

So, rewind to six or eight months ago, and you’d find us planning on going to ICFF 2019 as attendees. We’ve always had it on our radar, and thought this would be the right time to scope it out before setting the goal of exhibiting for Audrey Lane in 2020.

Fast forward a few months from those plans. That’s when we found out there were still booth spaces available at ICFF 2019. We thought that if we were planning on going anyways, why not just bring our tile [and husbands] with us?

Can you guess what conclusion we came to? If not, the image below will tell you.


We couldn’t turn down the thought of such a fantastic opportunity! Plus, we all LOVE New York.

The show must go on

Since we are familiar with the Javits Center, we started setting up for the Sunday show on Friday. This might have been the best thing we did the whole trip because halfway through setting up, we realized that clips for our display were missing! Thank goodness for Amazon overnight delivery! Once we received the delivery of clips, we were able to get everything set up between Friday and Saturday so that we could hit the ground running at the show on Sunday.


One of the most notable things about the show was that we got a lot of quality time with each prospective collaborator we met. We are used to working on commercial projects, but this time around, we were excited to share ideas with home owners and residential designers.

Funny story about talking with collaborators: since the duration of the show was four days long, standing for 8+ hours/day became quite the task. There came a point where we utilized our neighbors set up and lounged in cozy chairs while we ran through design ideas with new clients.

This was the first time it really sunk in that our company is becoming recognizable! We heard multiple times throughout the event “I know you guys” and “I follow you on Instagram.” Each time, we beamed with pride and couldn’t be more grateful for the nods!

Seeing the excitement on peoples faces when they were really digging our product made our whole week! That is always the most fun part of trade shows, and ICFF didn’t disappoint. It feeds our desire to keep creating when designers and clients get excited about what we’re doing.

Downtime shenanigans

Our husbands came with us to help set the booth up, but once we were finished with that, we decided to celebrate some downtime. We were really excited for them to see us in action for the first time. It was fun to work and play with them in the city for a few days.

We did touristy things like a bus tour of Manhattan, and we even mapped out some food experiences like Eataly Flatiron (because, Audrey style).  Truth be told, we could totally live there. The pasta, the wine, the meats, the cheese, the espresso, the desserts…what more does anyone need?

The boys even got to have a “boys day out” while we worked. They visited the MoMA, and it was awesome to see them enjoy themselves!

Overall, the city was a great place for adventure and amazing food as always.


ICFF 2020?

People have asked us if we’ll be back to ICFF next year. And...we are definitely considering ICFF next year. We had a great experience this year! With over 300 leads to keep us busy until next year, we’ve set the bar pretty high for 2020!

Creative Director & Tile Nerd