Home Revitalization with Audrey Lane & Brianna Michelle Interior Design

We don’t always have a residential project on deck, but when we do - we really do it up!

Although the interior design industry just recently hit the big 100, the amount of talent and innovation that has been harvested throughout that relatively small period of time, is truly phenomenal. One of those truly phenomenal thinkers is Brianna Sheehan, design principal of Brianna Michelle Interior Design.  Every now and then we get to work with some of our favorite interior designers, like Brianna, and it never ceases to end in fantastic results.

Brianna Michelle Interior Design focuses on functional style with details tailor-fitted to each client’s personal taste. Truth be told, we love this group of talented women so much, we’ll sometimes ask ourselves “WWBD?” (What Would Brianna Do) These gals can tackle just about any job, from new construction to renovations and commercial projects.

For us, a lot of work comes in the form of large, commercial interior design projects. It’s not that we charted it that way, it just seems to be where our interior design power is needed the most. However, there are always residential exceptions we make room for. So, when Brianna came to us about a project she was working on, we were ecstatic to switch things up a bit.

The project was in need of a neutral graphic pattern for the main floor. Using inspiration from the rest of Brianna’s design plan, we collaborated to create our right triangle pattern in three different colors for the kitchen, breakfast nook, back hallway, and laundry room.


The pattern was made in three shades of grey porcelain tile chosen specifically by Brianna that are outside of our normal color palette. That’s one of the great things about working with Audrey Lane. We have access to many different manufacturers of natural stone and tile, so working beyond the color palette shown on our website is no problem for us. Truly, the sky’s the limit for a completely customized experience.

Brianna told us that her favorite part about Audrey Lane custom tile is getting to work with close friends and supporting a local, women-owned business. And, simultaneously, designing a beautiful custom floor to impress her client, and maintain her perfected design aesthetic.


Since this project was completed, we’re worked on quite a few other projects with Brianna and her talented team. With Audrey Lane, Brianna knows that she can live out her tile pattern fantasies on every project, without the fear of repeating the same materials for multiple clients. Every client deserves something special designed specifically for their home; with our line, that’s possible.

Creative Director & Tile Nerd