Audrey Style: Classic, Spring Fashion Tips

The best spring looks are ones that never go out of style!

Let’s face it, one of the reasons Audrey Hepburn continues to stay relevant is because of her iconic style. No other actress, designer, or model to date has been able to surpass the elegant sophistication of Audrey’s style.

Pick your signature piece

Audrey’s signature piece was a white blouse. She rocked the look throughout her career in many different ways. The beautiful thing about a signature piece is that you can always change it up, whether it’s with a hairstyle or accessory.

siganture piece.jpg

Go with a hat

As you can see, Audrey was a big fan of hats. Some were simple, some were high-fashion. However you enjoy your hat game, embrace it! Audrey certainly did.


Ditch height for comfort

Spring and summer months are typically uncomfortable when it comes to the weather outside. And excuse us, but who wants to add the pain and discomfort of heels to that equation? We feel pretty confident about ditching heels and opting for flats, thanks to Audrey. She was a huge fan of flats, and so are we!

Accessorize with sophistication

Sunglasses and/or gloves are a simple way to stylize any outfit to be more in tune with Audrey’s style. Don’t be afraid to test the waters with these ideas! Start simple by adding a short pair of gloves to a spring sundress!


Find style from within

The endured style of Audrey Hepburn isn’t just built on shapes, colors, patterns, fabrics, and accessories. Another element of her style that might be overlooked was her approach to self love. Never afraid to “let her hair down,” we like to think Audrey’s favorite accessory was a smile.

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