Holli Van Cleave

Audrey Style: A Foodie to the Core

Holli Van Cleave
Audrey Style: A Foodie to the Core

“She left no lurid secrets or closet cruelties to be exposed. Beneath her kind, warm surface lay more kindness and warmth to the core.” - Barry Paris, biographer and author of Audrey Hepburn

We can only dream of leaving the world a more kind and warm place than we found it. Audrey certainly did. You know, kindness and warmth go together like people and food. Don’t you think?

When we think about it, every event, every space that brings people together, is usually centered around some kind of food experience.

That’s why we adore kitchen design so much. There is so much warmth to the love a kitchen can hold. Great kitchen design just accentuates something that is already appealing. It makes complete sense that Audrey Hepburn was such a foodie at heart!

So, on that note, we explored the many ways that Audrey Hepburn made good use of the kitchens she came into contact with, from cooking her famed pasta dish to teaching her guests: “It isn’t very interesting to eat a plate full of white, therefore it can’t be very good for you either.” She was a big believer in making every plate, colorful.

Let’s dive into some history about Audrey and her love for food!

Audrey’s famous pasta...

It is a well-known fact that Audrey listed pasta as her favorite dish. She even had her own recipe! We found it, we tried it, and highly recommend that you do the same! Pro tip: Audrey loved this dish “smothered in sauce.” And, so do we!


A most random and amazing fact…

Allegedly, Audrey had such a fierce passion for pasta, that she traveled with olive oil, pasta, and cheese in her luggage!


Audrey’s son remembers…

Audrey Hepburn’s son, Luca Dotti, wrote a book that details little known facts about life at home, with his mom. Dotti talks a lot about Audrey’s love for food, but also sheds light on her genuine belief in nourishment. He wrote, “[she taught me that] food starts with the produce and by consequence with the relationship you have with whoever sends your food, whether it's the farmer's market or the people in the shop."


When style meets food…

Audrey enjoyed cooking the way she approached fashion: with a simple and grounded heart. Her recipes were never about being impressive, but about being stylish and well-matched. According to her son’s book, when she cooked, if there was a brown meat on the plate, she would insist on a pop of color- whether it was orange from some carrots or green from a salad.

table side.jpg

Her signature dishes…

Like most foodies, Audrey had her list of favorites and go-tos. The most notable ones that left an impression with her family included vichyssoise, baked stuffed potatoes, osso buco, and of course, her delicious spaghetti al pomodoro!


Breakfast was always the important meal…

Audrey loved breakfast and insisted on having it with her family on a daily basis. What was the normal spread like? Just like we found out earlier, less is more: homemade bread, jams, and butter.


We all scream for ice cream! And chocolate!

During our search for Audrey food facts, we found out that in addition to pasta, ice cream was one of her favorite indulgences. Beyond that, she had a golden rule to “end every day with chocolate.”


After finding all of this out, we don’t think we could love her more!

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