Audrey Style: 50 Shades of Grout

Audrey Style: 50 Shades of Grout

Okay, so, maybe not 50. But, there are more than enough shades for any tile nerd to get their kicks!

Sometimes, designers can overthink projects or budgets. And sometimes, basic tile is the best solution for any design problem. Now, when we say “basic tile,” we really mean “simple.” Basically, what we mean is: less is more.

Instead of adding more elements to a project, start taking things away- colors, patterns, or textures. Reverse the blueprint and start scaling back to square one. It is not unusual for the ideal balance to be somewhere between where the design is presently and the blank canvas the designer started with.

With tile design, there is one commonly overlooked element that is quite possibly the skeleton key, if you will. You know, one key to fit and unlock many doors - or in this case, designer dilemmas.

Okay, get ready to say it with us: when in doubt, use the grout!

We may or may not have t-shirts with that saying on them, but aside from that, let’s talk more about what we mean by using grout to your advantage!

There are two [simplified] ways to use grout to your advantage in tile design:

  1. Use colored tile with a neutral grout color (whites, grays, browns, blacks).

  2. Use basic (white or similar) tile with colorful grout.

We are visual people, so we want to actually show you what we mean by this. Take a look.

Colored tile with neutral grout

Basic tile with colorful grout

The big picture

vinyl (1).png

Remember, maximize your budget (and your client’s happiness) with this one, simple rule:

when in doubt, use the grout!

Want to nerd out over tile design with us? Reach out, we love connecting with new faces!