Jennifer Horning

Audrey Picks: 2018 Spring Style Guide

Jennifer Horning
Audrey Picks: 2018 Spring Style Guide

Spring is in the air!

For the first full week since the holidays, it feels safe to go out without a coat nearby! Excuse us while we go do a little dance in the breakroom. And possibly eat a donut. Or three.

[Elevator music]

Okay, we’re back, and ready to talk spring style! Rather than push our own personal style preferences out there, we wanted to offer some more laid back and universal options. We searched Instagram and found some go-to accessories that can boost anyone’s spring style.


These adorably awesome hair ties lessen damage to hair and double as wrist candy! Beyond that, the brand is founded by two awesome ladies who dedicate a portion of the business to charity. Where do we sign up?!


One thing that is not in style is scorched skin. Take care of yours by using a high-SPF sunscreen and cover up when you can! This list from Cosmo gives the best blocks per skin type, check it out.

Dad hats

The comeback is in full swing for the “dad hat.” We’re totally okay with it! This fun, little Etsy shop we found will even embroider custom designs!

Shaped shades

Opt for a pair of sunglasses that have an unconventional shape. These stunners are on Vogue’s 2018 watch list. Shop more from their collection, here.

Belt packs

Believe it or not, the belt pack (aka, the fanny pack) is officially back. From runways to store shelves, designers are taking advantage of the nostalgic buy. Use this list of designer ones to pick the perfect one for you!

Hair care

After trying tons of different hair products to battle humidity, we landed on Oribe’s Impermeable spray. It works for all hair types and is totally clutch for spring and summer vacations!

We love these spring style finds, but are always looking for new brands to try. If you’re on Instagram, tag us in some of your favorites. We’ll be sure to return the gesture!