A Day in the Life of Audrey Lane

Coffee, teamwork, tile - repeat!

We are living, working and playing in a first-person world. With the rise of social media sharing and the growing popularity of humanizing brands digitally, we know the importance of being transparent with the amazing people we work with. That’s why today, we wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of Audrey Lane. Whether you’re a trusted friend, an admired work colleague, or a supportive family member, this blog’s for you!

This blog goes beyond the Instagram highlight reel. This is what we call the “highlight real” - real talk, real people, real work. Let’s go!

Rise and shine (& grind)

We are based in Orlando, Florida so every day is a gamble when it comes to getting ready in the morning, especially right now (winter). You’re hot, you’re cold - come on and make up your mind, Florida! Once we’ve established what the should-be weather is, first things first: coffee!

After a mini-runway show in our bedrooms (decisions, decisions) and the world’s best cup of coffee, we’re out the door and on our way to drop the kids off at school. No fail, makeup is a last priority and typically gets done in the car ride on the way to the office.

We hit the ground running, every single day. No, really, we are actually running into the office every morning because on-time is late, right?

Once we settle in at the office, cue the madness we love; emails, product questions, order processing, sample orders, marketing campaigns, PR, and beyond. Some days are a whirlwind, but we couldn’t ask for more. We are living our dream - and we’ve learned that when you do that, there is no such thing as work/life balance. It’s just life. And we love every second of it.

Creative blocks, be gone

Like writer’s block, creative block is a very real thing. When creative block strikes, we lean on each other to carry the baton when one of us needs a little break. We also like to look at new products for inspiration, especially what’s fresh in Europe and South America. And, truth be told, we look to Starbucks (coffee run!) for real inspiration at about 3 p.m. in the afternoon.


Office rituals/shenanigans

If we’re being completely honest here, we are full of “it.” We definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we’re always on a diet- until there’s pizza around. Then, all bets are off. We also try to give up sugar, in between the cake and the candy.There’s never a dull moment at Audrey Lane HQ, from movie reenactments to dressing up on Halloween.

And on product photoshoot days? Forget about it. In fact, we were recently approached by Netflix about having a reality show filmed during those days. Just kidding, but they really should consider it.

Perhaps our favorite thing about working at Audrey Lane is not a specific moment, but the love and humor that we put into our everyday. The team of people we have around us are like family and in the end, we feel the relationships we’ve built and the people we’ve built them with are what’s most important. We strive to inspire those around us and have fun doing it.

Teamwork over everything

Above any and everything, team is all we need. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by true professionals in every sense. We work as a team all day every day. You can’t make magic happen by yourself, it’s definitely a team effort. We lean on each other’s talents throughout the days and the weeks, always appreciating a second opinion. After all, the value of a trusted, extra set of eyes to make sure all the details are covered can’t be measured.

No place like your own

We’ve all had previous experience with other brands and companies. One thing we all agree on is that there really is no comparison to the dynamic and balance we’ve built at Audrey Lane. When you don’t wake up and fret the day ahead, and you actually are excited about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with - what a dream to catch.

We want to create new things and geek out about tile. This entire brand has been our method of choice to quench our thirst for all of those things. We feel infinitely lucky to have found this perfectly imperfect group of creatives and business-forward brains that help us take Audrey Lane to newfound heights on a daily basis.