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Interior Designer Apps

Holli Van Cleave
Interior Designer Apps

Want to be a Better Design Project Manager?
There’s an App for That

For an interior designer, good project management involves more than organization. It requires total ownership of every element while navigating the multiple relationships that arise during each design project. One of the best ways to be more effective as a design project manager is having access to reliable, on-the-go tools.

With the Internet being saturated with so many robots and sales pitches, finding those tools can be a project in itself. Luckily, the team here at Audrey Lane rounded up ten of the best options for interior design tech, so that you can keep the endgame in sight, and on time!


As an interior design project management app, Luuma hits the mark. Its simple and beautiful interface gives design managers the ability to streamline to-do lists for the entire project in one place. This means better communication that allows for quick-fixing action before things become a bigger problem! That’s a win if we ever saw one.


Scaling wall art to produce a picture perfect statement is not easy for clients. Curate takes the complications out of the equation. It allows you to search and visualize how any piece of art will look in the space and share the resulting statement with your client. Brainstorms and blueprints can bring a lot to the table, but a fantastic visual takes the vision for a project to the next level!

Paint Calculator

The brainchild of Valspar, this free and easy paint calculator lets you price out the materials you need for painting any space while eliminating waste. Talk about a match made in heaven! Once you get to the calculator, you’ll answer a few questions about the design project. From there, you’ll find out how much paint you need for any interior or exterior project!


The MagicPlan app helps you create architectural design estimates by generating accurate floor plans simply by taking a picture. Complete with surface area and length computation, use images of a client’s present space to begin the process. For a little extra money, you can export plans in a variety of extensions to share amongst your team. This is a great option for brands that are working on large scale renovation projects.


You know how we feel about color! So, of course we had to find the perfect tool for it. ColorSnap is the color-matching app from Sherwin Williams that allows you to browse and compare endless combinations of paint swatches, match colors to specific accessories, and effortlessly find the palette for any home remodel.


A game-changer in the business accounting realm, Xero extols the streamlined experience it offers for busy professionals who don’t have time to lose over basic accounting procedures each month. With more than 500 integrations with third-party apps and businesses, Xero allows for one-click reconciliation and invoicing—even automated follow-up actions for unpaid accounts. See ya later, tedious desk time! Hello, project focus!


With a recently awarded Startup of the Year award under their belt, the folks at Slack have put together an offering which brings people, resources, and drag and file-sharing in one place. This free resource allows the creation of “channels” for each subject you’re working on and allows you to invite as many people as you want to collaborate. Not only is this great for interior designers and their clients, but it also works with teams working together on the same projects.


The team at Audrey Lane loves a good list of to-do’s! Hailed as an organizational powerhouse, Trello is the list-making app that puts all your tasks in one basket. Effortless collaboration and checklists ensure you won’t miss any critical design elements as a job progresses, and a powerful task assignment tool can ensure that any delegated tasks get done.


With mounds of inspiration and 3D drawings, HomeStyler is a project management platform that allows you to try out and make snap decisions before using their robust output features to share and get design approval on the spot. One word for this tool: wow!

Bright Ideas

The resources offered by Bellacor are a great way to teach clients about interior design elements. They can also help you find a little decor inspiration of your own. With plenty of project management tips and tricks, this website offers a great base for communicating about style, in style.

What tips or tricks do you have for staying on top of your game? Let us know in the comments below, and for the latest from Audrey Lane, stay up to date with our journal!

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